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Bringing Java tests in line

Saturday, July 26, 2008

In addition to the constructors work and various other cleanup, I've also been attempting to bring the Java tests in line with the C tests. This has proven relatively difficult, because Java is not a very practical language as a target of code generation: no pointers, no unsigned types, ...

Another problem I'm having now is how to bring back the work I did from the git into Subversion. It turns out that git-svn is unable to follow the majority of branch merges done by the git. This makes it unable to follow complex branch histories, and you have to "squash" the work you did on a branch into the branch you will use for Subversion commits. That is annoying, as it loses a lot of the history, which was the primary benefit I was seeing in this approach. I hope that I will not run into the problem if I avoid cross-branch merges, but this is not entirely clear.

In any event, I now have a relatively large set of git history that is tricky to merge back. I'm losing a lot of history data in the process, which is unfortunate.

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