Environment variables

Before building XL components, you may want to set the BUILDENV environment variable, for example:

% export BUILDENV=macosx    

The syntax for setting BUILDENV may vary with your shell. Currently, the reasonably tested choices for BUILDENV are: * macosx for MacOSX (tested on 10.6) * linux for Linux builds (tested primarily on Ubuntu and Fedora) * mingw for Windows using [MinGW][]

The environment variable is used to pick a makefile configuration, which is stored in a file named Makefile.config.xyz, where xyz is the value of BUILDENV. You may easily create your own build environments by modifying one of these files, for example to use Intel compilers instead of GCC on Linux.

If the BUILDENV variable is not set, the build system will try to guess a best choice for your platform, and emit a message like the following:

The BUILDENV environment variable is not set
You will accelerate builds by setting it as appropriate for
your system. The best guess is BUILDENV=macosx
Attempting to build debug with macosx

This message indicates the best guess of the build system for your particular platform.