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XL stands for "eXtensible Language". It is a programming language designed to implement the ideas of Concept Programming. Being extensible is one of the key consequences of the concept programming principles on the design of XL.

In practice, what makes XL different from most other programming languages is that it can apply to a very large number of domains and problem space, not just a small subset of the problems that you need to solve. Whereas today you might have to use a combination of Java, Python, XML and C to create a large-scale application, you can use XL alone to do the same task. XL can act as a data language, as a high performance programming language or as a scripting language. But you can also use it where you would use domain specific languages today.

This is possible because, from the ground up, XL was designed to represent arbitrary concepts, not simply a limited subset such as functions or objects.

The conceptual overview is a good way to understand the design principles behind XL. The examples illustrate how XL can be used, and what interesting features it provides. The implementation description describes the the design and implementation of both the XL compiler and its associated runtime library.

These web pages describe the language as I intend it to be implemented. The current status of the compiler(s) can be found on the status page. XL is very much a work in progress. A lot of things may change by the time we reach 1.0...


Next: Concept Programming

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