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The art of turning ideas into code

Concept Programming

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Concept programming derives from a very simple idea: Your code should reflect the concepts in your application. Programming is defined in this context as the art of transforming concepts into code. In other words, programming maps concepts from a particular problem space, also called application domain, onto a particular code space.

As simple as these fundamental ideas are, they are not that easy to implement, nor is it easy to fully understand the implications. Most programming languages today diverge quite significantly from this ideal, in particular because they are defined in a constrained way.

Concept programming focuses on how programmers transform concepts into representations. This is a bit different from many other methodologies, which focus on a particular set of techniques (such as objects) or best practices, often derived empirically from experience.

Concept programming offers processes to facilitate the process of transforming concepts into representations. It also proposes metrics to evaluate how well selected transformations map the problem space into the code space.

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