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Concept Programming

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XLR: Extensible Language and Runtime

The art of turning ideas into code

Conceptual Overview


Here is a conceptual overview of XL and Concept Programming. Each key concept is illustrated by examples, and points back to the implementation in the compiler.

General Overview

Concept Programming
What is a concept?
The Concept Programming Process
Concept Programming Metrics: syntactic noise, semantic noise, bandwidth and signal/noise ratio
Concept Representations and Concept casts
An unlimited set of concepts

Problem statement

Problem Space
Code Space
Moore's Law and Software
The Sources of Software Complexity

Existing Practice

Limits of existing languages
Evaluating existing languages
The Difference between Objects and Concepts
Syntax and syntactic noise
Semantics and semantic noise

XL Usage Models

XL as a data language
XL as a domain-specific language
XL as a high-performance programming language
XL as a scripting language

Noteworthy XL Features

XL0, XL1, XL2
Expression reduction
XL operators
Compile-time variadics
Generic declarations, True Generic Types and Generics validation
Language extensions


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