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XL2 - The imperative flavor of XL

WriteLn "Hello World"

Hello World in XL2

XL2 is the imperative flavor of XL. It is intended to feel familiar to programmers who used languages such as C, C++, Pascal or Ada.

Key properties of XL2

XL2 offers the following features:

  • Static compilation to build standalone applications
  • Static type system with strong typing
  • Advanced support for generics, used in the standard library
  • Advanced support for overloading, used in the standard library
  • Support for object-oriented programming1

Meta-programming in XL2

translation Simplify
    'X' * 2
    return parse_tree('X'+'X')

Simple plug-in in XL2

XL2 is based on XL, so it also offers advanced innovative meta-programming capabilities:

  1. Support for object-oriented programming in XL2 is currently relatively weak.